Thursday, June 30, 2016

Don't Blame the Cows...

Shiny shoes and Designer suits
Fake smiles and hopeless pursuits
Ruling the Earth is an illusion
Ruining the Earth is not the solution
Global warming is not a game
There is nothing political to gain 
Money and greed move the gears 
Business leaders shed no tears 
There is no count for the toxins we made 
Flooding the waters and the food we ate 
It is your job to take a step 
Don’t wait for others to make a stand 
There is always something you can do 
Don’t wait for governments to do it for you 
Grow a garden plant a tree 
Thank the Lord that you are still free 
Nature is still more intelligent than us 
Learn from her and don’t make a fuss 
We came a long way don’t turn back now 
Don’t blame global warming on a cow

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