Sunday, October 26, 2014

Create Your Own Road Signs... Written by: Attila Farkas Your environment is what you look at, breathe in, touch, consume as food, drink as a form of a liquid, absorb in the form of radio or microwaves and other forms of natural or man-made energy. Everything around you is interacting with 37 trillion cells that make up your body. Your entire being is either nurtured or tortured by your surroundings and this is where the true meaning of living comes from. A living is an expression of your being and a reflection of your environment. If your environment is pure and supporting your basic needs, such as clean air, water, and food than that reflection are going to be a healthy biological entity. If your environment is saturated with trillions of man-made substances, that reflection is going to be distorted, damaging, and genetically unstable. Our natural environment is the result of millions of years of progression, creating an interdependent, complex web of life. This biological system has an all-encompassing intelligence that we can learn from, or it will teach us many painful lessons. The old business models had taught us that it is acceptable to ignore these lessons. The first rule of business is to generate profit. Profit is not associated with basic human needs and a healthy ecosystem. Profit is associated with anything that is shiny, has built-in computer chips, can be purchased in a store, or order online with a credit card. It doesn’t matter that during these interactions we humans produce enough toxins, visible and invisible pollutants and disruptors that they can clog up the intricate roadways that form the web of life. These roadways and channels were clean and life-supporting only a thousand years ago. We have to find ways to model healthy, natural interactions between humans and the environment and integrate this change into our modern society. Profit should be associated with the benefit of preserving the genetic building blocks of humanity and stop disintegrating it with the by-products of greed, ignorance and worshipping the artificial world. We have to provide our kids with the cleanest air, water, and natural food that is available. If you can do that, then you are doing something right. If acquiring these basic needs seem impossible then roll your sleeves up, because we have a lot of work and a long road ahead of us. The good news is that you can create your own road signs and put them up on your journey, so future generations can follow along with on your path. My question is: What is your first road sign? Thank you for traveling with me...

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