Saturday, September 21, 2013

Are you clean and civilized or dirty and not sanitized?

Written by: Attila Farkas

Fishing, blogging, tweeting, texting and your FaceBook status.
You can’t text the fish about the bait you are about to use. What to do, what to do??? You have to put your phone in your pocket and use your fingers for something that you are not accustomed to doing. You have to put the worm on the hook yourself and wipe off your fingers before you pick up your phone to take a picture of the worm and post it on FaceBook as your status. If you tweet about the event you will scare your worm and cause unnecessary stress; worms don’t like birds. The whole thing seems barbaric and dirty. Why can’t someone invent a worm with a built-in hook? I am sure that genetic engineers are working on the problem. When was the last time you touched organic soil with your fingers during gardening and felt good about it? What??? Getting dirty?
Your ancestors have worked the land with their bare hands and through the soil, their skin absorbed trace elements that can help the immune system fight disease, help your endocrine system function efficiently and these same trace elements can also improve your overall health. Some of them are available only through interaction with organic soil and this is when your problem comes in...
You get up in the morning and get into your shower(box), after you are done get something out from your fridge for breakfast(box), maybe some cereal(box), pick up your phone to check your emails(box), turn the TV on to check the news(box), get into your car to get to work(box), maybe take the train(box), once you get to your building take the elevator(box), open the door to your office(box), sit down to your computer(box), start working and wonder why you are stressed out...

Please do something for yourself that does not include a box.

Happy gardening and fishing!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

mud bath and fishing

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our best salmon fishing video to date: